Flex play

  • Match play with players of the same rating level (continuation of the program that has been offered the past several years with a few changes/upgrades)
  • Flexible/web-based scheduling - click into Flex Play matches as much or as little as your schedule permits.  Click on Getting Started tab for detailed instructions on signing up for Flex Play matches.
  • Peachtree Paddle will utilize the APTA Player Rating Program (1.5 - 6.5) for the 2017/18 season. Click on Player Rating Levels tab for detailed information on how rating levels will be assigned for all players and used to form 4 levels of play.
  • 20-week season starting the week of October 17, 2017  and concluding in late February 2018.  No Flex Play matches during Thanksgiving and Winter Break weeks.
  • Flex Play matches to be offered at set times per week for each level.  Flex Rated matches (FLX) will also be offered several times per week (first player to click into the match determines the rating level of the match).
  • Flex Play matches will be held at Bitsy Grant, Cherokee Town Club, Gareleck Private Court, Piedmont Driving Club, and Windward Lake.  Some weekly Flex Play matches will have 2 courts/8 players, allowing for better social environment and greater availability for play.
  • Included in Peachtree Paddle Membership Fee