APTA National League Championships

The APTA will sponsor its first-ever National League Championships in Chicago, April 1-2.  This team-based event is open to all APTA member leagues across the country.

Peachtree Paddle would like to send at least one men's and women's teams to this inaugural event.  The event is open to all Peachtree Paddle members regardless of level.  To sign up, click on the Register Now button. If you have any questions, please email admin@peachtreepaddle.org

APTA National League Championships

Date: April 1 and 2

Clubs Hosting: As far north as Winter Club. As far west as Valley Lo. As far south as Evanston CC. Each location will host a round robin. Every club will be within 20 minutes of a lunch / dinner location.

Team Format: Each team brings between 8 to 10 players. Each round will feature a Court 1 thru 4 match. Courts are ordered in terms of ability level. (court 1 is highest ability level). No Stacking

Competition Format: 4 team round robins starting at 8am on Saturday. 3 round robin groups per division. Winer of each round robin and highest placed 2nd place team advance to semi finals and finals for that division on Sunday morning. Play to conclude by noon on Sunday for teams advancing to the final.

Scoring Format: Each court won is 3 points. A set one, but a match lost is worth 1 points. Team with most points out of round robin advances to semi's. Tie breaker's based on head to head matchup. If still tied, total games won in head to head matchup. If still tied, winner of Court 1 in head to head matchup.

Timing: Each round robin round allocated 2 hours. Play starts at 8am and the last matches on at 6pm.

Social: Several clubs will host lunch during play and evening BBQ/Party on Saturday.