Flex play

  • Match play with players of the same rating level
  • Flexible/web-based scheduling - click into Flex Play matches as much or as little as your schedule permits.  Click on Getting Started tab for detailed instructions on signing up for Flex Play matches.
  • Peachtree Paddle will utilize the APTA Player Rating Program (1.5 - 6.5) for the 2018/19 season. Click on Player Rating Levels tab for detailed information on how rating levels will be assigned for all players and used to form 4 levels of play.
  • Flex Play starts October 8, 2018  and concludes in late February 2019.  No Flex Play matches during Thanksgiving and Winter Break weeks.
  • Flex Play matches to be offered at set times per week for each level.
  • Flex Play matches will be held at Bitsy Grant, Cherokee Town Club, Gareleck Private Court, Piedmont Driving Club, and Windward Lake.  Some weekly Flex Play matches will have 2 courts/8 players, allowing for better social environment and greater availability for play.
  • Included in Peachtree Paddle Membership Fee